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Acoustically Treated Booth

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Acoustically Treated Booth

Dimension: 1.5m x 1.21m x 2.30m

Thickness: 28.05mm

Materials Exterior/Interior

1) Plywood

2) KD Wood

3) Acoustical Putty on Outlets

4) PAINT (Includes Labor and Materials)-External

5) Green Glue Sealant

6) Flooring (3/4 Plywood)

8) Outlets

9) Double Clear Glass on Doors and One (1) Side of the Booth -Optional


1) Carpet

2) Polyester on Walls and Ceiling 

3) Automatic Door Bottom (Heavy Duty)

4) Automatic Door Closer

5) Hinges

Important Notes

***Lead/Order Time: 10-12 Days excluding Sundays and Holidays.

***Final Paint color to be discussed once the agreement is approved.

***Includes Delivery of the Isolation Booth on Clients' premises.

***Client has been advised that booth is not Noise Proof. Internal is only acoustically treated.

***Booth will be assembled on clients premises.

***Noise Isolation Booth has no air vent. If the client prefers to have this included, then we can add this to the pricing proposal.