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Fabric Wrapped Panel with External Wood Frame

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Centro Creativo panels are made to order. These are elegant and economical sound absorption solution mainly for echo. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes available in over 40 colors. These provide ideal results for noise control and are impressively decorative which allows them to accommodate to any workable environment. Made from high-density 48kg/m3 fiberglass,Mineral Wool and or Cellulose Fiber for balanced absorption sound throughout of low-mid-high frequencies. 


Radio Station Studios, Recording, Mixing, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Houses of Worship, or any other facility with the need for Acoustical Treatment.

Lead Order Time: Depends on the quantity required.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance 1″ Thick Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.86
Absorption Coefficient (α) Frequency (Hz)
0.16 125
0.27 250
0.85 500
1.13 1000
1.2 2000
1.21 4000
0.86 NRC
Acoustic Performance 2″ Thick Noise Reduction Coefficient 1.16
Absorption Coefficient (α) Frequency (Hz)
0.24 125
0.82 250
1.26 500
1.32 1000
1.23 2000
1.17 4000
1.16 NRC

Fire Resistance

Upon request.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These panels are designed for long term use in building environments with minimal maintenance. These panels, however, can be vacuum cleaned as per customer desire; additionally, any marks may be cleaned with a damp cloth/wipe.


***Can be installed using our Z Clips*** or Black Screw on walls. Please call us for further assistance. We can provide installation depending on your requirements.