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Generic Mineral Wool Board (BARE)

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Mineral Wool is manufactured using natural rocks, selected blast furnace and coke at above 1500 Degree Celsius. This type of insulation material can be used in extreme conditions. It retains its insulation property up to 750 degree celcius. It is a superior thermal and acoustic insulation for any kind of environment.

Mineral Wool Insulation Board is best for industrial purposes. Its semi-regid form makes it more suitable to be used for curtain walls, cinemas, tanks, ovens, wall partitions and other industrial equipments.

This product is used for Noise Reduction and requires special handling and delivery.

Should be installed in between walls. Please see below suggested procedure.

Lead/Order Time is 2-3 Business Days upon payment confirmation and  depending upon your order quantity. We provide volume discount for orders above ThirtyThousand Pesos (Php 30,000.00).