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Innerpower Jam

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Innerpower Nutritional Jam was formulated by Mr. Arnold Duco with primary ingredients of molasses, seaweeds, root crops, fruits, vegetables, legumes, honey and fructoligosaccharides. These pre-biotic mixtures were fermented and had produced a by-product in the form of Jam.

Innerpower Jam is best for

Dengue fever, Helps to normalize red blood cell (hemoglobin), platelet and white blood cells, Hyper acidicity/dyspepsia, (pangangasim ng sikmura at kabag), Ulcer, Steven-Johnson Syndrome, migraine (headache), prevents the development of infection, aids in rapid would healing,falling hair (baldness), prevents pimples, energy booster (gaining extra strength), good for detoxification and cleansing diet, sepsis/bacteremia, jaundice, remedy for coughing and common colds, lower blood sugar (Diabetes Mellitus)f ood for the brain, prevents and may treat dystonia,, prevent s Alzheimer's disease (ulyanin, may help prevent cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome (pasma/muscular weakness),sthrenghten immune system, muscle pain (back pain, lumbar pain & chest pain), gas pain, can lessen your flatulence, may help prevent arteriosclerosis, lowers blood cholesterol, prevents hypertension,prevents arthritis, may sustain long life in general, anti-oxidant, memory enhancer,anemia, may neutralized free radical (pollution, toxic substance), for paralytic patient, may help burn fats with proper lifestyle, may use as a booster for the reproduction of lacto bacilli in our digestive system, anti-aging, anti-stress, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis, helps improve heart, pancreas, and kidney function, insomnia, helps to prevent leg cramps, heart enlargement, this is good for an alcoholic and a chain-smoker person, Anorexia nervosa (loss of appetite), may be used as a therapy for nervous breakdown patients, may help prevent gall stone formation, for mentally ill patients, emphysema, tuberculosis, for cancer patient for immune booster combined with anti-neoplastic agent), hernia, yellow fever, edema, urinary Track Infection / Kidney problem, multiple sclerosis, diminished aging spot, asthma, malnourishment, beriberi, bronchitis, constipation, low sperm count, lumpus Erythematosus, goiter, glaucoma, may help to normalize creatinine.

Get Two (2) tbsp (kutsara) from the bottle and eat (kainin) two times (2X/DAY) after (breakfast and dinner) for21 days. On the 22nd day, One (1) tbsp two times (2X/DAY) after meals (breakfast and dinner) as Maintenance. We do not recommend the Jam for kids below 3 years old.
For illness/sickness, eat the JAM three times (3X/day) every after meals. Maximum dosage is 3 tbsp (3 kutsara) per take.


Reminder: DO NOT CHEW AS JAM MAY BE STICKY TO THE MOUTH. Just SWALLOW followed by One (1) Glass of Water. Jam is in Jelly Form and can be swallowed easily.
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