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Noise Isolation Booth

Noise Isolation Booth

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Noise Isolation Booth

***This is not a Sound Proof Booth, Loud Noise can still be heard inside. The door needs to be STC rated to be highly effective in Noise Control.

***Booth is movable with wheels. Not Collapsible

Dimension: 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.13m

Thickness: 0.12m (4.33")




3) Hat Channel (Hat Shape 23mm x 35mm x 5m)Thk: 0.5mm

4) KD Wood

5) Resilient Isolation Clip 

6) Acoustical Putty

7) PAINT (Includes Labor and Materials)-External

8) Green Glue Sealant

9) Flooring (3/4 Plywood)

10) Carpet

11) Automatic Door Bottom (Heavy Duty)

12) Automatic Door Closer

13) Hinges 

14) Rubber Bottom

15) Double Clear Glass on Doors and One (1) Side of the Isolation Booth

16) Wheels

Important Notes

***Lead/Order Time: 10-12 Days excluding Sundays and Holidays.

***Final Paint color to be discussed once the agreement is approved. ***Includes Delivery of the Isolation Booth on Clients' premises.

***Noise Isolation Booth will be assembled on clients premises.

***Noise Isolation Booth has no air vent. If the client prefers to have this included, then we can add this to the pricing proposal.

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