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Resilient Sound Isolation Clip

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Main Features.

Add 15 to 20 STC and IIC points to your existing assemblies. Reduce noise transfer by 75% 10 - 2.5" Wood screws and TMS installation guide included! Classified UL Listed Use with standard 25 gauge Hat/Metal Furring Channel Product description RSIC-1 Clips and channels are used in the process of decoupling walls and/or ceilings from the joists, creating what is called a floating wall or ceiling. The benefits are twofold, firstly there is no direct connection for sound to travel via the joists as the wall/ceiling is disconnected. Secondly, the wall and ceiling are given resiliency (flex) thus greatly reducing vibration (similar to shock springs on a car). The RSIC-1 is designed for use with various framing designs and applications. The RSIC-1 decouples the Gypsum Board from the framing in the wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. The RSIC-1 has been acoustically tested and adds 15 to 20 STC an IIC pts to your existing assemblies. Reducing noise transfer by 75 to 100%.