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Acousti Coat - Sound Deadening Paint

Acousti Coat - Sound Deadening Paint

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"Acousti-Coat reduces echo and uncomfortable high-frequency sounds, while also deadening sound within the area/room it is created in"

Product Details

  • Acousti-Coat is a thick, soft coating designed to act as a 'sound sponge'. Deadens sound within the area/room the sound is created in. For sound coming from other areas, use our SC 1000. Use Acousti Coat and your neighbors hear you less. Use SC 1000 and you hear your neighbors less.
  • Coverage is 50 square feet or 4.64 sq.m per gallon for the minimum two coats required. This means unless you are applying to a small 50-square-foot area or 4.64 sq.m, one gallon isn't enough.
  • ThermaCels are included in this paint! This provides insulation properties as well. Do not add additional ThermaCels additive to this product.
  • White Flat Finish. Can be tinted using universal colorants, to light or medium shades. If a darker color is required it can be painted over but a very cheap flat interior paint must be used. Using high-quality paint will seal the surface of the 'sound sponge' and diminish results.

Brand: Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions
Color: White
Finish Type: Matte/Suede
Material: Water-based

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