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Acoustic Ceiling Board-Wright Brand (English System Only)

Acoustic Ceiling Board-Wright Brand (English System Only)

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Excellent Sound Absorption for Echo and Acoustical Treatment Designed for Ceiling.

  • Material: Mineral fibers mixed with the wet process 
  • Surface Coating: Quality vinyl emulsion paint 
  • Color: White (Other colors can also be chosen) 
  • Surface Pattern: refer to the specification sheets 
  • Density: 350-420kg/m³ 
  • Corner Treatment: Square, Lay-in tegular 
  • Acoustic Coefficient: 0.4-0.6 
  • Fire-Resistant Properties: Class B1 qualification | Class A qualification 
  •  Sinking-resistant properties: < 3.5mm 
  •  Heat conducting coefficient: <0.065W/mk 
  • Bending Strength: > 250N 
  • Recommended Use: WRIGHT-Lano baking finish light steel keel system. 

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