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Alctron Isolators for Monitor Speaker

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Two (2) pieces (1 Pair) Alctron Studio Monitor Speaker Acoustic Foam Shockproof Sound Isolation Pads for Recording Studios Accessories

EPP series monitor speaker damping cushion is mainly suitable for monitor speakers in the studio. It adopts high-density and high-strength high-quality sponge material, and reasonable structure design can effectively reduce the resonance of sound vibration and make the sound more realistic, Accurate. 


- Acoustic foam designed for two (2) set of monitor speakers.
- High-density foam that effectively reduces vibration and low-end display distortion.
- Two (2) components and angled design with multiple tilt options.
- Place them under the monitor in the studio to enjoy excellent sound.
- Ideal for recording studios, home theater systems and karaoke rooms.


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