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Regular Duty Automatic Door Bottoms

Regular Duty Automatic Door Bottoms

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Automatic Door Bottoms are specifically designed to seal the gap under doors and provide the best sound control possible. Our door bottoms are built to last, they have successfully been tested through 5 million cycles! The thick rubber seal drops upon closing of door to create a tight seal and raises automatically up when the door is opened, ensuring smooth operation and preventing door drag

Door Type / Thickness: Model is compatible with wooden doors, with a minimum thickness of 1-3/8".

Finishes: Available in aluminum mill finish.

Seals: Sponge neoprene seal

Mounting: Door bottom fully mortised so it does not alter the appearance of the door, making it perfect for decorative doors, upscale condos, dormitories, commercial buildings and luxurious hotels. 

How it Works: This product utilizes a concealed flat spring mechanism which is activated by the pressure of closing the door (The brass nut at the head gets pushed in by the door jamb, which lowers the seal). The high quality neoprene rubber seal drops, filling gaps up to 1”, upon the closing of door to create a tight seal and raises up automatically when the door is opened to ensure smooth door operation. Our door bottoms have been tested through 5 million cycles and provide the same excellent quality as our mortised automatic door bottom. 

Easy Access End Caps: Easy Access End Caps and Automatic Door Bottom can be removed for cleaning and maintence without removing the door. ADB can optionally be screwed into door through existing mounting screws holes.

Handing: Models is reversible, compatible with both right and left handed doors.

Installation: End plates, counter plates and screws provided.

Important Notes

***Lead/Order Time: Seven (7) Days excluding Sundays and Holidays.

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