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Green Glue Sealant

Green Glue Sealant

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No training is necessary to use Green Glue Noise proofing Sealant—it is applied in the same fashion as standard caulking material. The sealant comes in 28-ounce tubes that fit into quart-sized calking guns. Clean up is simple with just soap and water, even when wet. It can be painted over once dry.

Adding Green Glue Noise proofing Sealant to your soundproofing project can reduce noise transmission by 100 times or more. Green Glue Noise proofing Sealant exceeds LEED green building requirements and has been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories for fire safety and environmental impact.

Application Guide

Sealant Prepare for Application

• Make sure the surfaces that are to be sealed are clean.

• Cut a 1/4" hole in the tip of the tube with a utility knife.

• Screw nozzle tightly over the tip of the tube and cut 1/4" hole in the tip of the nozzle.

• When the nozzle is cut, place the tube in a standard 28 ounce caulk gun to prepare for installation. Apply Sealant A very common application of Noise proofing Sealant is filling 1/8" to 1/4" gaps where the drywall meets the floor and ceiling. Other applications include spaces around electrical outlets. The Sealant should not be used around pipes or copper based materials. Apply 48 hours before painting to allow for drying time. Drywall tape and mud can be applied directly over Green Glue Noise proofing Sealant.

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